Saratoga ATM
Installing toilets for visitors and employees at our four plants eliminated all complaints.
R & M, Saint-Basile
Four Sanisafe toilet are being installed in our new home being build. There is no substitute.
Robert V.
Our friend installed a Sanisafe toilet for his guest cabana by the pool. Talk of the town, wish everyone had one for their guest. Installing one at our chalet now.
Warren, Ohio
Dreading the toilets in Europe I was amazed when at Harry\'s New York Bar in Paris I used a Sanisafe toilet. Amazing! It came from the U.S. I understand there all over Paris. Great!
Mini-entrepôts Saint-Basile
We rent mini storage units to over 300 clients. Being somewhat isolated, many of our customer request use of our restroom while they come and go. We had not considered this when we built our complex and keeping the restrooms clean was not a job I enjoyed until we installed the Sanisafe toilets. What a difference! I no longer dread going in there myself and our customers are grateful as well. Thank you.
I discovered your remarkable toilet in a club in Montreal Canada. After having two installed in my home and being impressed with the cleanliness and easy service, I ordered them for all of my rental properties. Thank you.
Picola Italia, Montreal
We installed the Sanisafe toilet in the restrooms of our restaurant eight years ago. At least once per week a customer will comment that they had heard not only about our food but also on our immaculate and hygienic restrooms.
Mary W.
I have a small marina in Florida with only one restroom for 20 boaters. When I bought my place the restroom was one of the biggest problems. People would use toilet toilet paper or paper towels to cover the toilet seat and then try to flush them. Inevitably the toilet would clog up. Once I installed a Sanisafe toilet my problems were over. Not only did the toilet not continually overflow but the restroom remained clean after visit.
Randal W.
We installed the toilets 6 months ago and the feedback has been incredible. Clients appreciate the fact that a clean seat always awaits them.